About us

The Thomson Foundation is the world's longest established international media development organisation, with more than 50 years dedicated to training journalists in ethical standards and quality reporting.

We work with media organisations, governments, civil society bodies and commercial entities wishing to sponsor professional excellence in communications. Based in the UK, we have worked in more than 100 countries around the world.

Our founder, the Canadian-born media magnate Roy Thomson believed totally in the Power of Mass Media to Drive Positive Change in society.

The philosophy evolved from his international post-war media empire. In 1962, it became the cornerstone of the charitable foundation he set up to champion free, fair and open media in the developing world.

The subsequent fifty years have seen the Thomson Foundation play a vital part in raising journalistic standards around the world. Working with media outlets, governments, NGOs and commercial bodies, we've helped to develop better media to create stronger societies.

Force for good

With a network of top international media professionals and close ties to the best of British media, we've built an abiding global reputation for expertise and independent advice.

We've witnessed enormous changes over five decades: from the dissolution of the Soviet Union to the end of apartheid in South Africa; from the fall of Milosevic in Serbia to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

Even today, as the after-effects of the Arab Spring continue to be felt throughout the Middle East and beyond, our founding principles hold true.

Mass communication remains a powerful force for good and a fundamental agent of social, political and economic change, for nations and citizens alike.

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