Business reviews

Any commercial entity should keep its business model under constant review to ensure optimum performance and continuing or enhanced profitability.

Our specialist media business advisers can carry out an across-the-board review of an entire media organisation or of specific departments, as required.

The review will be designed to meet given objectives and will include detailed, practical recommendations and implementation plans, where appropriate.

Our past work completed a full operational review of the Al Jazeera Arabic news channel. Since it began broadcasting 15 years ago, Al Jazeera has established itself as the foremost news channel in the Middle East, with a growing international reputation.

The aim of this assignment was to help the organisation reach its goal of becoming the best and most successful news network in the world.

Our consultancy team carried out a comprehensive review of the organisation's operations and its quality assurance. It also examined its competitiveness against other leading Arabic-language news channels.

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