Change management

All media organisations must guard against failing to react to change. Technology, communication channels and media preferences are constantly evolving, and organisations need to adapt accordingly.

Planning and communicating change are essential for success. Our consultants can advise on and help with the planning and implementation of change management, either at departmental or organisational level or in relation to full-scale restructuring where required.

Leadership coaching

Our team can provide consultancy and training where it is needed over a long term for instance when advising on restructuring a state television service.

We helped Botswana TV broadens its news coverage and improve its reporting quality through re-designing the staffing and structure of the news and current affairs operation, leadership coaching for senior staff and skills development for journalists, creative and technical staff.

Managing change

We can also help to organise fact-finding missions that can inform a client's own strategies for managing change, for example a government's response to the digital age.

These visits, often to the UK, familiarise participants with the public broadcasting landscape in that society and how it is currently changing. This enables the officials to examine the effects of media convergence and the challenges facing government communicators.

The visits can also introduce participants to current trends in programme production and marketing, including tours of television studios and press agency newsrooms.


In Belarus our experts trained more than 80 journalists, technicians and managers from the country's network of 19 regional TV stations.

At least half the stations were restructured, with new administrative systems, technical and programme production.

The goal of the project, which was funded by the UK government's Global Opportunities Fund, was to improve regional TV coverage in Belarus.


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