Media sector reform

Thomson Foundation consultants also advise governments seeking to reform state media, either in its entirety or within specific sectors.

We will carry out a detailed appraisal of the media as it currently operates within the context of the reforms required. Our recommendations will include detailed, practical plans for restructuring and implementation timetables.

We were one of the first western organisations to start work in Serbia shortly after the war with NATO. We were asked to address the lack of public trust in the state broadcasting service, Radio Television Serbia.

Changing values

Our experts trained broadcast journalists in topics ranging from news judgement, story treatment, interviewing techniques and human rights. They helped to change broadcasting values, embedding objective news reporting into the practices of journalists who previously merely reiterated government official statements without question.

We provided training, consultancy and project management to Macedonia Radio Television following independence, the Kosovo War and subsequent ethnic uprising. Delivered in a highly-challenging political and cultural environment, this work sought to achieve fair, balanced and ethical reporting in a new democracy.

Practical management and technical changes were introduced to studios, production and programming units, helped to produce better quality news and documentary broadcasting.

Media commission

More recent media reform projects include consultancy work for the British High Commission in Cameroon on improving media freedom in the central African country.

The final report proposed a package of responses including helping to develop a media commission and a training council, which would help to improve standards and support Cameroon's development.

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