Dan Mason

Dan Mason

Dan Mason

Multimedia, mobile, social media

Dan has worked with the Thomson Foundation on numerous projects over the past seven years, specialising in online and mobile journalism and social media.

His work as a trainer and consultant has taken him to countries throughout Africa and the Middle East, as well as China, Sri Lanka, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. 

In the UK, Dan trains extensively with trade unions including the National Union of Journalists, Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, Equity, Musicians’ Union, Unison and several others. He also leads mobile video training for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, works with media organisations, corporate clients, NGOs and governments and leads civil society communication projects in several countries.

A journalist for over 30 years, Dan was an award-winning editor-in-chief of daily regional newspapers and CEO and senior manager with several media companies before becoming a full-time trainer.

He is based in Azerbaijan, where in addition to international training projects, he launched and leads the first MA Sport Journalism programme in the Caucasus region.

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