Civil society and the media

The Thomson Foundation works with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to help develop media advocacy skills and other related activities.

We help NGOs to better understand how to work with the media and 'package' information for journalists.

Ultimately, this improves public understanding and knowledge of a range of subjects, strengthening the role of civil society in the country or region concerned.

Sometimes we partner NGOs whose role is to raise public awareness of key issues in developing major media-focused publicity initiatives.

Our work with UNDP Ukraine aimed to help non-governmental organisations to get out critical messages on issues such as disability rights, town planning, help for the homeless and legal aid out into the media.

Engaging the public

With a long history of dealing with public communication and media development in Ukraine, the foundation was able to give participants from more than 40 organisations the inside track on how the nation's media operates and what methods work best at getting their messages across.

Our European Union-funded work in the Middle East sought to strengthen the role of civil society in the region. 

The three-year long project, which operated in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt aimed to raise awareness of the need for greater understanding of social issues and to foster constructive contact between NGOs, media and local government.

We worked with journalists, local government officials and representatives of more than 600 NGOs running courses, seminars and workshops throughout the region

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