Core journalism skills

Whatever shape the media takes in the future, our highly experienced trainers will be on hand to transfer their know-how to journalists around the world.

Skills-intensive training remains at the heart of what we do. Our trainers, all with impressive journalistic credentials, focus on developing journalists' practical skills. 

All are passionate about what they do, which comes across in the enthusiasm in which they disseminate practical advice gathered through years of industry experience.

The summer course

For decades the annual London-based summer course has been a cornerstone of our work to promote professional excellence.

Today, it focuses on helping mid-career journalists from across the globe develop the skills to become active players in the world of multi-platform journalism.

Training in traditional skills such as interviewing, investigation, analysis and story construction, along with data journalism and social media, prepare participants for the modern, digital age.

As well as giving participants access to training led by the foundation’s experienced expert trainers, the course enables peer to peer learning.

Participating journalists can learn a lot from each other as well as the foundation’s highly experienced trainers.

On their return to their workplaces journalists can transfer this know how to their colleagues creating a multiplier effect. This means the investment in one individual potentially benefits the whole workforce for years to come.

Investigative reporting

Investigative reporting is a core skill for journalists. In recent years we have run courses in countries including Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to develop journalists’ investigative reporting skills.

Without journalistic investigations, many stories would otherwise go untold.

These courses equip journalists with the skills to dig deeper and seek out those stories, in sometimes difficult circumstances.

Over the years the foundation has worked with thousands of media professionals around the world to help establish international editorial standards and broaden their editorial agendas.

Raising national standards

Television, print and radio journalists in Sudan have been the latest to receive this type of training through a project funded by the British Embassy in Khartoum.

Already hundreds of stories showing improvements in their journalistic standards and a broadening of the news agenda have been published or broadcast.

As with Thomson Foundation alumni of the past, great things are expected of these journalists and the many others we work with each year.

The investment in their future will help to achieve sustainable change in media across the world.

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