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Thomson Foundation provides editors and journalists with a need-to-know checklist of good journalism practice and ethics, whether you are an editor organising your newsroom to report on an election or a journalist reporting on civilians caught in the middle of a conflict. 

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The current conflict in the east of Ukraine bears many similarities to events in other parts of the world and throughout history. The journalist's challenge to distinguish fact from fiction and achieve balance in reporting is never easy.

This publication aims to provide some pointers and practical advice on how to stay safe while getting closer to the heart of what is going on. It is not an exhaustive guide but a short introduction to some of the challenges reporters face in a bitterly divided area.

Ukrainian and Russian-language versions are also available.

Produced with assistance of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

In any conflict, rumours, scaremongering and urban myths can quickly become accepted fact.

Mark Webster, Thomson Foundation consultant





This is a purely practical set of suggestions designed to help journalists through the challenges of covering one of the most sensitive aspects of a conflict – the plight of Internally Displaced People (IDPs).

These recommendations have been compiled by Thomson Foundation consultant, Mark Webster. A Ukrainian-language version is available.

Reporting on IDPs is a highly sensitive issue which demands great skill and compassion from journalists.

Mark Webster, Thomson Foundation consultant





Elections are a mix of rules and chaos, predictable events and surprises. This guide provides concise advice and guidelines for editors organising their newsrooms to report on an election, ranging from budgeting for coverage to engaging with different sections of society during the campaign.

Produced with support from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

Election coverage training is crucial for media to be prepared for free, independent, inclusive and tolerant coverage.

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