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Posted by Hosam El Nagar


Thomson Foundation has supported the Al Jazeera Media Institute in Qatar since its 2004 inception, from advising on initial set-up and design to training journalists and managers on all aspects of media.

We have helped to develop a world-class media training centre that fulfils the requirements of an international broadcaster and other media organisations.

Start up

In the beginning we provided consultancy advice on equipping the centre and training its staff.

We now work with the centre to provide training for journalists and managers to enable them to succeed and thrive in a multimedia world.



Hosam El Nagar

Hosam El Nagar

Director of Innovation and Learning

TV gallery Al Jazeera Training Centre
Thomson Foundation courses at the institute include:
  • Interview techniques for news presenters
  • Video journalism
  • Mobile journalism
  • Multimedia
  • Managing and planning special news coverage
  • Investigative journalism
  • News bulletin production
  • Using your voice
  • Newspaper and magazine design and layout
Operational review

In 2012, the trusted expertise of the foundation's consultancy team was called upon for a full operational review of the Al Jazeera Arabic channel.

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