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Our media development programmes provide high calibre training for journalists and public communications practitioners. We help every type of media strive for excellence and improve their engagement with their audience.



World view

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Resilience in Tajikistan

Strengthening the role of independent media



Mass media in Moldova

Developing skills in strategic communication



Empowering women

Enhancing political participation of women in Pakistan's rural communities



Film production

Supporting Georgia's developing film and production industry



Conflict de-escalation

Supporting community-led peace-building and advocacy



OPEN Media Hub

Creating a stronger media in 17 countries neighbouring the EU



Deepening digital

Building better relations between Kazakhstan journalists and government




Regional Voices

Supporting more ethically balanced coverage of key issues in Ukraine



Freedom of expression

Accessing information through online data in Honduras



Reporting solutions

Increasing solution-focused media coverage of contentious issues in Ukraine



Women and politics

Increasing women's political participation in Lebanon




Creating dialogue on LGBTI rights in the Turkish-Cypriot community



Mastering mobile journalism

Story telling for Kuwaiti journalists using their smart phones.  



Syria's war

Training Syria's journalists in conflict-sensitive reporting



Contacts across borders

Promoting good journalism to ease tensions



Bali Media Forum

Strengthening independent press councils in the Asia-Pacific



Media ethics

Promoting media standards in Kosovo

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