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Making headlines: Thomson Foundation 2015 annual review

We have undertaken more large-scale projects than ever before, with the hope of reaching more journalists and media organisations in need of training and support than in the pastDownload our annual review to learn more about them and our ambitions for the future

Publication date: February, 2016

Ukraine: Reporting conflict

Our practical guide for journalists aims to provide advice on staying safe while getting closer to the heart of what is going on in Ukraine. A Ukrainian-language version and Russian-language version are also available.

Publication date: March, 2015

Rewind: Thomson Foundation 2014 annual report

The Thomson Foundation helped to give journalists from more than 40 countries a clearer voice during 2014. We were entrusted with delivering positive change in how the world is reported. This review is to share an insight into our work and achievements.

Publication date: March, 2015

Kosovo: Setting media standards

This study looks at public perception of media regulation in Kosovo and proposes new ideas on how to strengthen the Independent Media Commission and Press Council of Kosovo as guardians of media standards and promoters of press freedom in the country.

Publication date: February, 2015


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