About us

For over half a century, we have helped raised standards of journalism and communication around the globe through training, consultancy and strategic advice.


What we do

We deliver positive change in media and communications as a way of improving public engagement and governance.


Skills-intensive training remains at the heart of what we do as an organisation.

Media development

We help every type of media improve engagement with their audiences.


We bring Thomson Foundation's hands-on skills training to the online world.

We manage a network of more than 200 media professionals, with cutting-edge skills, who are keen to share their knowledge. We work with media, governments, civil society, and commercial organisations wishing to sponsor excellence in communications. 



Our values

Our vision is to ensure all people have an honest, factual account of what is really happening in the world.

Our mission

To support the achievement of the vision – through improving journalism and communication, and their production and business processes. We are independent of any government or political affiliation.



Communication is surely the spine of civilisation.

Founder, Lord Roy Thomson, 1963

2017 annual review



Youth takes centre stage

It was a year when the foundation reached a wider audience than ever before – in terms of country, age and occupation. Crucial to our 2017 activity was the support of a younger generation of aspiring journalists and content creators. Download our annual review.


Measuring up

In 2016 we were able to provide detailed external evidence of our achievements


Making headlines

Turning point: in 2015, we had undertaken more large-scale projects than ever before


Rewind to 2014

We helped to give journalists from more than 40 countries a clearer voice in 2014

We get around. Explore our project map