Being 20: profile of a generation

Posted by Anthony Headley

Bogdan didn’t want to follow the academic path of his Ukrainian parents. He dropped out of school to launch his own enterprise. A love of gadgets provoked a bright idea for the 18-year-old and he began to concentrate on the fitness market.

A smart dumbbell, with special motion sensors, was soon conceived. A year later, Bogdan is glad his passion for technology pushed him to set up his own business.

His startup is now worth $1million.



Welcome to the world of the twentysomething as seen through the eyes of those living in countries neighbouring Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Supported by the EU-funded OPEN Media Hub project, which is implemented by a Thomson Foundation-led consortium, the “Being 20” series considers the challenges faced by young people in their twenties, the issues facing them and society more broadly, their passions, successes and influences, politically and culturally, and what defines their generation.


Inna, whose dream to be a ballerina at the Kiev National Opera came true
Inna dreamed that one day she'd be able to perform as a ballerina at the Kiev National Opera in Ukraine
Dimitri is a Georgian student and astro-photographer. Sometimes alone or sometimes with friends, he goes out of Tbilisi to take photos of deep skies and beautiful night landscapes


Media professionals engaged with the production of the series benefit from practical guidance on how to produce their stories and how to achieve the professional levels required to disseminate their content internationally.

The series’ exploration of the lives of young people has been produced in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. A call for expression of interest in September will target Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, and Tunisia.



All “Being 20” episodes are available on the OPEN Media Hub content-sharing platform and are free for use and reuse by media organisations globally.

Anthony Headley

Anthony Headley

Senior Executive Producer – Open Media Hub

About: Anthony leads the broadcast and production training for the OPEN Media Hub project which works with independent media in countries neighbouring the European Union. He has more than 25 years experience in TV production and post production.

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