Broadcast regulation a priority for Thai media

Posted by Helen Scott

The future regulation of the world’s five most popular and best performing tech companies – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google – was top of the agenda at a two-day seminar specially designed for the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand (NBTC).

The 40-strong group of regulators were keen to hear about how the companies known by the acronym FAANG could be brought under the European regulatory remit for the first time.

Consultant Chris Banatvala outlined the European Parliament’s new amendments to the Audio-visual Media Services Directive which extends the European regulatory remit to video sharing platforms. The new legislation will need to be incorporated into member states’ domestic law.

If adopted, it would mean that the FAANGs would be subject to the same regulation as terrestrial broadcasters covering aspects such as; the watershed – the time when TV programmes which might be unsuitable for children can be broadcast, protection of children, privacy and hate speech.

“Misleading advertising of medical products and hate speech provoked a lot of discussion.”

Chris Banatvala, Thomson Foundation consultant

“NBTC requested I cover the regulation of new media alongside the other seminar topics. Participants were extremely engaged and showed particular interest.” said Chris.

“Misleading advertising of medical products and hate speech also provoked a lot of discussion.”

Thomson Foundation has been working with NBTC over the last years delivering training seminars and advising on European and UK regulatory frameworks, freedom of expression, good practice and governance alongside examining the investigation process of complaints.

Chris uses video clips to illustrate contraventions, and this year there were many more Thai examples.

“The Thai examples gave me the opportunity to explain how the UK would approach these issues and detail the evidence we would look for in issues like the advertising of dubious medial products.”

Helen Scott

Helen Scott

Editorial Associate

About: Helen is an experienced trainer, consultant and project manager with a background in programme making and management. She led the five year media capacity building project in Sudan.

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