‘She Speaks Sudan’: Thomson launches programme to empower women journalists and civil society actors in exile

A groundbreaking initiative offering training and mentoring to 30 women journalists and civil society actors has been launched, promising to empower Sudanese media professionals and civil society actors now living in exile.

A six-week support programme, ‘She Speaks Sudan’, is tailored specifically to the needs of Sudanese women journalists and civil society actors displaced by the current conflict in the country, offering a comprehensive blend of training sessions, expert-led webinars, psychosocial support and networking opportunities.

Contextualised Support

Key areas of the training for journalists will focus on gender-sensitive reporting, investigative journalism, crisis reporting, media representation, professional ethics and digital security.

The programme for civil society organisations will integrate training in effective communication strategies, advocacy, crisis communication, with special sessions focusing on building resilience, an essential aspect of effective advocacy in conflict zones.

There will also be a special emphasis on addressing the disproportionate impact of conflict on women, equipping participants with skills to tackle specific challenges faced by women in media and civil society advocacy.

To provide this context-specific support, a team of expert trainers with understanding of both the Sudanese and regional context will deliver a series of workshops, webinars and interactive Q&A sessions.




A central aspect of the programme will be the building of a supportive community among the participants. “Through this initiative, we're cultivating a powerful network of voices determined to reshape narratives and drive change. Together, these women journalists and civil society actors will become a force for empowerment, amplifying the voices of their communities,” says Meriem Bahri, Thomson’s Middle East & Africa Programme Manager.

‘She Speaks Sudan’ is a collaborative effort with Andariya, a bilingual digital cultural multimedia platform and cross-cultural enterprise serving the East and Horn of Africa. The initiative is part of the ‘Empowering Media Actors project, funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and implemented by Thomson in partnership with Internews.

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