For nearly 60 years, we have helped raise standards of journalism through training, consultancy and strategic advice. We deliver positive change in media and communications as a way of improving public engagement and governance.


Our vision is to ensure all people have an honest, factual account of what is really happening in the world, by ensuring journalists have the right skills to build independent media enterprises that can survive and thrive in the digital world.


Thousands of journalists across the globe have benefitted from our multilingual blended approach to training, mixing face-to-face workshops with online and mobile learning in a range of skills and contemporary topics.


Through emphasis on audience engagement, innovation and business support we have helped hundreds of local and regional independent media organisations build sustainable outlets.


We have achieved international recognition for the work of hundreds of young journalists – many from emerging economies - through high profile competitions.






A first for Malaysia

It was Kai Hui Wong’s “persistence in her investigations” that convinced the judges that she should win this year’s Thomson Foundation Young Journalist Award.



Doing the groundwork

Monika Mondal's story was chosen for a special environmental prize after it delivered on "everything you want from a groundbreaking and memorable piece of environmental journalism”




The Bettina Fund

Boosting female leadership in media is high on our agenda, which is why we've launched The Bettina Fund with Baraza Media Lab. The programme is piloting initially in Kenya.





2020 vision

It was a year that will be long remembered for a pandemic which cost countless lives, disrupted international travel and trade and dominated news agendas worldwide.

Our 2020 annual review looks at how we were able to help journalists across the globe cover this momentous story responsibly and safely.

At the same time, we were able to honour commitments to deliver all our contracted programmes. The key to this was innovation.




2019: Our annual review is a testament to our international alumni and competition winners who report fearlessly from some of the world's toughest datelines, including Sudan and Syria.


2018: Everyone should have an honest, factual account of what is happening in the world. Nowhere is that more relevant than in the reporting of the migration crisis. 


2017: It was a year when we reached a wider audience than ever before. In one of our boldest-ever initiatives, we launched our e-learning portal, Journalism Now.




Journalism Now


Environmental journalism | Why local matters


Investigate local environmental stories and their possible links to climate change.


Environmental journalism | Why local matters


Cover environmental stories and address climate change in a way that engages audiences.


Environmental journalism | Why local matters 

Safety and security

Learn how to stay safe online and when facing physical threats and intimidation.



Pushing for a bright future

Reem Al Jeally was one of several female artists who created murals in Sudan during the 2019 revolution, documenting the power of Sudanese women who have long led change.





Reporting on refugees

When filmmaker, Jumana Saadeh, describes the challenges of making her films, she talks of how healing isn’t straightforward or linear for refugees.





Raised voices

Meet 12 female journalists from a remote area of Pakistan who are challenging the monochrome view of women in local media.


Latest in Covid-19

We're working with journalists around the world to ensure they are able to get their reporting on Covid-19 right. Find resources and help here.



"Pandemics, power cuts and vast distances will never be able to stop people wanting to learn and make their world a better place" – Derek Ivens, Thomson Foundation trainer



Major projects


The migration crisis, post-truth politics, Ukraine conflict, international terrorism, the war in Syria; there has never been a more important time for accurate and balanced news. Since 2016 the Thomson Foundation, supported by the European Union, has been at the heart of the issues, delivering its biggest ever project, the OPEN Media Hub. 

Europe needs to understand more about the real situation of neighbourhood countries.

David Quin, director of development, Thomson Foundation




The Building Media Capacity programme in Sudan has helped to train 500 journalists since its launch. The foundation also mentors 210 selected journalists who pass on their knowledge to colleagues. The project is underpinning a strong, well-educated and informed media which will play a crucial part in building the Sudan of the future.

Being part of the media project has given me a new perspective.

Entisar Omer, news editor, National Radio

Illustrations: Eleanor Shakespeare; Lebanon image: Ammar Abd Rabbo/Daraj Media

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