Who we are

We are experts on journalism matters providing expertise for journalists by journalists with training and digital solutions for business growth. 


Our approach

We champion journalistic integrity supporting both individual journalists and media organisations built on fair, independent and trusted journalism.


What we do

We train journalists using top experts in their field.

We create e-learning courses, hosted on our platform, Journalism Now.

We support local news organisations to maximise revenue by understanding their audience, using our wide network to share solutions across borders.

We help independent journalists and their news organisations under threat from anti-democratic governments to keep publishing.

We commission audience research in challenging markets to inform our network’s business decisions.






Working in almost 100 countries



32 ground-breaking courses via messaging apps – translated into English, Russian and Arabic



A strong, growing online network of more than 24,000 journalists



Delivering 177 e-learning courses in 16 languages


Providing training for 11,000+ journalists in just five years



1,000 grants in five years, supporting media outlets to grow by up to 75%




Young Journalist Award

The winner of our prestigious award for 2022 is Yashraj Sharma from India.




Celebrating 60 years

We champion journalistic integrity – supporting journalists and media organisations built on fair, independent and trusted journalism.

Our long history and global reach has uniquely positioned us to bring the most innovative solutions to helping local news thrive.


Reacting to a chemical attack

Free course for local journalists available via the encrypted messaging app, Telegram, with the help of chemical and biological weapons expert Hamish de Bretton-Gordon. 



Essential networks

Many of the challenges that journalists face day to day are not faced in isolation. Our 2021 annual review looks at the power of networks to offer support, knowledge and expertise.




 Annual reviews


2020: It was a year that will be long remembered for a pandemic which cost countless lives. Find out how we helped journalists cover the momentous story responsibly and safely.


2019: Our annual review is a testament to our international alumni and competition winners who report fearlessly from some of the world's toughest datelines, including Sudan and Syria.


2018: Everyone should have an honest, factual account of what is happening in the world. Nowhere is that more relevant than in the reporting of the migration crisis. 


Journalism Now


Environmental journalism

Learn to investigate and cover local environmental stories in a way that engages audiences


African Stories: A guide for journalists on how to tell better stories about Africa

Be part of a pivotal change taking place in African journalism which looks to offer a new style of storytelling


A guide to podcasting

Discover the power of audio and storytelling, how to record and edit, and how to engage listeners



Sudan on the edge of change

A pioneering band of creatives in Sudan are promoting social change through photography with Thomson Media and Goethe-Institute, Sudan.





Power of documentary

Alumna, Preethi Nallu, reports on the story of young Afghans arriving alone in Europe seeking safety in a way that reflects the nuances of the situation and the importance of humanising the story.





Finding Africa's new voice

A new generation of African journalists are looking to discuss new ways of storytelling and a chance to change the narrative.


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