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Our Journalism Now online academy is not limited to individuals. We can offer customised training solutions to media organisations, universities and training academies wanting to upskill staff. 


Practical skills training and mentoring at their fingertips

Use our powerful toolset for journalists: Provide a learning environment for your staff, trainees or students which mixes interactive training modules with live updates and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing to provide key skills and the latest professional trends.

A newsroom solution

We offer customised and branded training programmes. Courses can be delivered in different languages, with content addressing the local context and goals. Combine online and face-to-face training with an online mentoring programme with help from our industry experts.  

Support for universities and training academies

Our courses focus on professional practice and industry knowledge. Delivered by industry leaders, our training is designed to complement academic programmes by providing an up-to-date industry perspective preparing students for employment. Contact us about bringing our online or combined online and classroom-based training options to your organisation here.

Management support and monetisation 

Our network of experts includes experienced media executives and senior editorial staff with experience of managing the transition to the digital media landscape. Our management programme offers options which mix online training with mentoring and face-to-face programmes.


Hosam El Nagar

Hosam El Nagar

Director of Innovation and Learning

Key features


Develop a learning culture

Use our community portal to facilitate knowledge exchange between employees under the guidance of your experts and ours. Content can be uploaded from smartphones to ensure insights are captured and shared as and when they happen.


Training insights

Our programme analytics can help you to achieve your goals. Learn who needs more support, train new employees and teach them about your organisation's needs or help staff adapt to a new initiative through a customised digital programmme.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and the power of data

Each individual’s experience is unique, our platform uses AI to send learners the content of interest to them. You can use these analytics and insights to support management and human resource processes.



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Our Journalism Now digital academy can be accessed on desktop or mobile, in the office or at home. Upskilling staff can release their hidden digital talent.

For further information on the e-learning platform and how we can help your organisation, contact Hosam El Nagar.

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