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2019: The power of truth

Our 2019 annual review is a testament to our alumni and competition winners who report fearlessly from some of the world's toughest datelines.

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From Iraq to Sudan, South Africa and Sri Lanka, we relay examples of their work, and the invaluable skills learned from the Thomson Foundation which have helped them in their day-to-day jobs.

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2018: Migration – busting the myths

Our vision that everyone should have an honest, factual account of what is really happening in the world is of paramount importance in combating fake news and hate speech.

Nowhere is that more relevant than in telling one of the biggest stories of our time – migration. 



From Burkino Faso to the UN General Assembly in New York, we used our expertise in 2018 to encourage the truthful telling of stories about migrants, from their own perspective, free from prejudice and preconceptions.

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2017: Youth takes centre stage

It was a year when the foundation reached a wider audience than ever before.

The increased activity was driven by several factors. In one of our boldest-ever initiatives, we launched our e-learning portal, Journalism Now, with more than 1,600 enrolments from over 100 countries in the first two months.



We also supported a younger generation of aspiring journalists and content creators, as part of our leadership of the OPEN Media Hub – a European Union project supporting independent media in 17 of its neighbouring countries.

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2016: Measuring up

In an age when funders want a more quantifiable impact, it is gratifying to have detailed external evidence of our achievements. 

Such is the case in Sudan where, over a four-year period, we helped to improve the quality of reporting of 700 journalists from print, radio and TV.


An independent evaluation, led by a respected media development expert during 2016, showed that 98 per cent of participants felt the training had given them tangible benefits, including helping their career development.

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2015: Making headlines

We reached a turning point in 2015 with more large-scale projects than ever before. Halfway through the year, we were awarded a four-year project by the European Union – our biggest contract ever.

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2014: Rewind

From helping to protect media freedoms in Kosovo, to bringing Asian journalists together for a conference in Bali on media ethics, the foundation helped to give journalists from more than 40 countries a clearer voice during 2014.

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