2023: Getting it Right

In a year dedicated to precision and integrity, we focused our efforts on empowering journalists and media companies to navigate the complexities of AI, enhance engagement, report on conflicts accurately and fortify the pillars of democracy.

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2022: Access all areas

In 2022, we had the highest level of overall revenue in the history of the foundation, and reached our biggest audience with a single training course- a WhatsApp based course on disinformation for journalists in Sudan which was taken by more than 10,000 people

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2021: Essential networks

Many of the challenges that journalists face day to day are not faced in isolation. Our 2021 annual review looks at the power of networks to offer support, knowledge, inspiration, expertise and opportunities.

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2020 vision

It was a year that will be long remembered for a pandemic which cost countless lives and dominated news agendas worldwide. Find out how we helped journalists across the globe cover this momentous story responsibly and safely.

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2019: The power of truth

Our 2019 annual review is a testament to our alumni who report fearlessly from some of the world's toughest datelines, from Syria and Iraq to Sudan and Sri Lanka.

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2018: Migration – busting the myths

Our vision that everyone should have an honest, factual account of what is happening in the world is of paramount importance in combating fake news and hate speech. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the reporting of migration. 

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2017: Youth takes centre stage

It was a year when we reached a wider audience than ever before. In one of our boldest-ever initiatives, we launched our e-learning portal, Journalism Now.

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2016: Measuring up

In an age when funders want a more quantifiable impact, it's gratifying to have detailed external evidence of our achievements. Such is the case in Sudan where we helped to improve the quality of reporting of 700 journalists.

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2015: Making headlines

We reached a turning point in 2015 with more large-scale projects than ever before. Halfway through the year, we were awarded a four-year project by the EU – our biggest ever contract.

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2014: Rewind

From helping to protect media freedoms in Kosovo, to bringing Asian journalists together for a conference in Bali on media ethics, the foundation helped to give journalists from more than 40 countries a clearer voice.

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