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Environmental journalism | Why local matters:


Investigate local environmental stories and their possible links to climate change.


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Periodismo ambiental | Por qué lo local importa: Las fuentes



Environmental journalism | Why local matters:


Cover environmental stories and address climate change in a way that engages audiences.


Visit the dedicated environmental journalism area on our website for course information, learning videos and expert insight.



Environmental journalism | Why local matters: 

Safety and security

Learn how to stay safe online and when facing physical threats and intimidation.



Reporting on Covid-19: Vaccines

This course has been translated in more languages to benefit more journalists. See which languages here.




Reporting on Covid-19: Content

This course has been translated in more languages to benefit more journalists. See which languages here.



Reporting on Covid-19: Safety

This course has been translated in more languages to benefit more journalists. See which languages here.



Reporting on Covid-19: Verification

This course, in partnership with First Draft, has been translated in more languages to benefit more journalists. See which languages here.



Ethical Journalist's Toolkit

CPD hours: 4

Create your own journalistic philosophy and see how important it is to treat sources with respect


Audience Research Methods and Techniques

CPD hours: 6

Learn practical skills and techniques to conduct audience research


The Art of Storytelling

Write news stories in an effective and engaging way using techniques employed by leading journalists

Just launched



Journalism Across Multiple Platforms

CPD hours: 6

Learn about the ever-changing media landscape and how to customise your stories 




Social Media Newsgathering

CPD hours: 4

Give your use of social media a journalistic purpose and learn how to identify good stories




Data Journalism

Learn how to find useful data, how to analyse it, and how to tell stories with it



Mobile Journalism: Getting started

CPD hours: 6

Use your smartphone to produce more professional quality cross-platform content


Mobile Journalism

CPD hours: 6

Learn the best practices and fundamental skills required to produce content with your phone


Advanced Mobile Journalism: online workshop

CPD hours: 6

Who is it for: All journalists, senior journalists

Coming soon...



Growing and Engaging Your Audience

CPD hours: 6

Maintain a strong connection with your audiences through engaging story treatments



Social Media Strategy

CPD hours: 6

Discover which audiences you want to reach and how to reach them with your stories



The Ethical Data Journalist

CPD hours: 6

Overcome the challenges that arise when producing work derived and based on data








Business of Journalism

Light CPD hours: 4

Advanced (paid) CPD hours: 11

Understand the strategies to attract, grow and retain audiences


Copyright: How to Protect it, How Not to Breach it

Be better prepared to protect your own material and respect the material of others




Building Trust and Reputation

CPD hours: 4

Learn to win the trust of your audiences and to be true to your mission statement




Photographer's Ethical Toolkit

CPD hours: 4

Learn the three key ethical principles in photography: empathy, autonomy, integrity


Advanced Photo Ethics: Awareness, Authenticity, Accuracy

Explore the basics of ethics in photojournalism and documentary photography


Advanced Photo Ethics: Empathy, Dignity, Power

Learn about the significance of empathy when approaching the people we photograph


Advanced Photo Ethics: Impact, Intervention, Injury

Learn the ethics of personal safety and how to protect yourself



Recent feedback

"It is one of the best platforms for journalists willing to expand their knowledge and learn about other aspects of the profession. You also get a certificate!"

– Meehika, India


"My goal was to learn how to build trust in my community with my reporting. The course was straight to the point regarding how a journalist can earn the trust of his/her community by being visible and authentic."

– Irene, Cameroon



"The delivery of the content was great. The instructor explained things clearly and showed us examples, which we could emulate in our own work. I especially liked how the courses featured views from a wide range of journalists or media organisations, such as the BBC and BuzzFeed."

– Imani, South Africa

"The mobile journalism course really improved my knowledge and skills. The trainer is well experienced and the course is interactive."

– Masbahur, Indonesia




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