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Thomson Media gGmbH is leading the way in tackling today’s big issues by strengthening media skills worldwide. Working with governments, philanthropic and institutional donors from its Berlin base, we bring innovative media approaches to get to the heart of critical issues, from regional security to climate change to migration and economic growth. Thomson Media gGmbH is an international not-for-profit organisation and is a partner of the Thomson Foundation.

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Media development

Thomson Media is a leader in media development delivering high-calibre training for media and public communication practitioners globally and has extensive recent experience in providing programmes in the countries neighbouring the European Union.



Media training

Skills-intensive training is at the heart of what we do. Our trainers, all with impressive journalistic credentials, focus on developing journalists' practical skills. The emphasis is on hands-on training, reporting on real stories.



Join our Team

We're seeking a Head of Development. If you're a donor engagement strategist and fluent in German and English all the details you need are here. 


Being in Berlin will lead to an expansion of Thomson’s network throughout Europe and build on long-established regional partnerships with media houses and donors.

David Quin, managing director, Thomson Media

A vote of confidence

The look of politics in Gagauzia, the small autonomous territory in southern Moldova, is decidedly male. A Thomson Media project aimed to build the confidence of newly-elected female parliamentarians to act in public arenas, and train journalists in gender-sensitive reporting.

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