Young Journalist Award

Competition reopens July 2017

Judges of the Thomson Foundation Young Journalist FPA Award look for stories that are revelatory, prompt public debate and have led to, or have the potential to lead to, positive change in society. Sign up to our newsletter for notification of the 2017 Young Journalist Award and other relevant Thomson Foundation competitions.


Past winners



Yousra Elbagir

Winner 2016

The Nuba Mountains in the southern Sudanese region has been subjected to a bloody counter-insurgency campaign since fighting broke out in 2011. Yousra Elbagir, a reporter from Sudan, chose to cover the story through the eyes of displaced Nuba in the capital haunted by the bombs raining down in their homeland and struggling to preserve their cultural identity.

It means a lot to the people in my country to have someone represent them who isn't a foreign journalist.

Yousra Elbagir, Sudan



Caroline Ariba

Winner 2015

Caroline Ariba’s submissions for the award included a harrowing description of the plight of mothers in Tisai, a little known Island in Uganda’s Eastern district of Kumi. In this story, Caroline revealed how neglected its people were and how many babies died there without record of their existence. After uncovering the story, political leaders decided to speed up plans for a bridge link to the mainland.

Recognition at this level means everything and the experience of the trip has opened up doors.

Caroline Ariba, Uganda



Maurice Oniang'o

Winner 2014

Always producing with passion, Thomson Foundation's 2014 award-winning documentary filmmaker, Maurice Oniang’o, submitted a portfolio of stories which included a film on child soldiers who guard their village from Ethiopian raiders. In his latest work, he addresses the problem of domestic violence against women in African countries.

The award is encouragement that your effort to bring change in society has received recognition.

Maurice Oniang'o, Kenya



Judy Kosgei

Winner 2013

Words have an incredible power to move us, and as a result, effective storytelling can change society. Judy Kosgei produced a winning story in 2013 on the impact a shortage of sanitary towels was having on up to two million girls. The story led to a draft bill, now at committee stage, that is pushing for the Kenyan government to ensure free, quality sanitary protection for all girls in public schools in Kenya.

The Young Journalist Award reaffirmed that little voice in my head that said changing lives begins with me.

Judy Kosgei, Kenya





FPA Awards

Watch our 2015 Young Journalist finalists as they attend the FPA Awards in London, along with a host of other award winners and leading figures from the world of journalism.



2016 finalists

Yousra Elbagir, Sudan

"I want to move past the overworked images of famine, poverty and war in Africa"

Salman Yousafzai, Pakistan

“Reporting these stories was completely incomparable to living them” 

Ancillar Mangena, South Africa

“A month after my whistleblowers article I was putting my life at risk again” 

Sara Loane

Sara Loane

Communications Manager

Call for entries

Journalists working in the developing world are invited to succeed Sudanese reporter, Yousra Elbagir, as the Thomson Foundation Young Journalist FPA Award winner. If you are a journalist aged 30 and under working in a country with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of less than $20,000, you are eligible to enter the award.

For further information on the competition, contact Sara Loane.

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