Collaboration in Beirut produces better picture stories

Posted by Helen Scott

The discovery of a fisherwoman who sleeps rough on Beirut’s seafront provided a storytelling opportunity for two of a group of photojournalism trainees.

Angham Alsarhi from Yemen and Nabiha Hajaig from Lebanon collaborated on the pictures as part of their training on a photojournalism course being held in Beirut for photojournalists from Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, in partnership with British Council, Beirut and the photography centre Dar Al Mussawir.

Angham found the fisherwoman, and produced pictures of her working during the day, and then Nabiha asked if she could tell the story her way and went back at 6am to find her still sleeping.

Picture: Nabiha Hajaig, Lebanon

Picture: Angham Alsarhi, Yemen

Teamwork and friendship

The 15-strong group is being encouraged to build portfolios of photos which tell stories about their countries, and their culture.

"I felt the attitude and enthusiasm of both women was exceptional," says trainer Glenn Edwards. "Their team work and friendship evolved during the week."


They just didn't give in

Glenn Edwards, Thomson Foundation photojournalism trainer

"There was also a sense of determination that when a story didn’t happen, for whatever reason, they didn’t just give in but were always looking for something else worthy to photograph."

"This is exactly what we are trying to achieve within this workshop. It is not just pressing a button for a single image but thinking about the story we are trying to tell.”

The photojournalism workshops are supported and funded by the British Council. The next workshop will be in June.

Photographers' Gallery - Beirut

Dia Al-Ademi - Yemeni
Omar Alobidy - Yemeni
Rola Jawad - Lebanese
Sarah Khodr - Syrian
Jafar Almerey Syrian
Hassan Bilal - Syrian
Ibrahim Abdelrazik - Palestinian
Yeyha Fallaha - Syrian
Nabiha Hajaig - Lebanese
Eman Al-Awami - Yemeni
Reine Chahine - Lebanese
Ahmad el Zeer - Lebanese
Lujain Al-Aranji - Syrian
Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi - Yemeni
Angham Alsarhi - Yemeni
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Helen Scott

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