Competition to achieve trusted newsroom status as new campus is launched

A new platform dedicated to helping journalists win audience trust and tackle disinformation has been launched and with it a competition offering newsrooms (from countries included in the ODA list) a chance to win a media industry recognised stamp of approval.

Called 'The JTI Campus', the new platform is the learning arm of the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI), a unique media self-regulatory body which is the brainchild of Reporters sans frontières (RSF). The campus*, which is overseen by Thomson Foundation, guides newsrooms through the process they need to complete to comply with the JTI standard and become a publicly recognised trusted source of news. 

The JTI process

The JTI sets a standard of professional norms for newsrooms: benchmarks of quality and independence which are transparent and verifiable with the aim of restoring trust.

It’s backed by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and covers a wealth of trust and transparency indicators from sources of revenue and media ownership to journalistic methods, ethical policies and independence.

There are three stages in the process designed to ensure newsrooms align with these internationally agreed set of standards.

Stage 1: Self-assessment. Your newsroom completes an internal audit through the JTI-app covering 18 areas of media practice. The JTI Campus will help you through that process.

Stage 2: Publish audit. You publish that internal audit to show the public how you work (this promotes transparency).

Stage 3: Certification (optional). An independent audit confirms if your newsroom complies with the JTI Standard.

The process rewards ethical journalistic practices and in turn gives a competitive edge to newsrooms who can clearly demonstrate to their advertisers and audiences that they produce reliable news and information. 

The competition

The JTI is offering a few lucky newsrooms the chance to become publicly recognised as an independent trusted source of news...for free!
The winners will have the cost of the independent newsroom audit paid for. This is the third stage in the JTI process which involves an external audit of your newsroom to check it complies with the JTI standards.
Please note - to be eligible to enter the competition you must: have completed stages 1 and 2 of the JTI process first and be in a country included in the ODA list.

If you have completed Stages 1 and 2 you can enter our competition.
To enter click on this link where you’ll find a short form to fill in and information on the documents we need you to upload.

“The JTI campus and the competition together offer a great opportunity for newsrooms to showcase their journalism and prove to their audiences, advertisers and the wider world that they conform to the highest ethical standards,” says Deborah Kelly, who’s the Director of Training and Communications for Thomson.

You can find out more here about JTI and how your newsroom can be part of it. 

*The JTI Campus group brings together some of the world’s leading journalism trainers and media development organisations. Thomson is proud to be working alongside Global Forum for Media Development, EBU Academy, European Journalism Centre, Fondation Hirondelle, jhr and Poynter.

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