Paris Charter on AI and Journalism unveiled

Thomson Foundation has joined 16 partner organisations to launch the ‘Paris Charter on AI and Journalism’. The first of its kind, the charter defines crucial ethics and principles that journalists, newsrooms and media outlets globally will be able to adopt and use in their work with artificial intelligence 

It was written by a commission initiated by Reporters Sans Frontières and comprising 32 media specialists from 20 different countries and was chaired by Nobel Peace Prize winning journalist Maria Ressa. The result is a set of ten fundamental ethical principles to protect the integrity of news and information in the age of AI, in anticipation of new technologies poised to dramatically transform the media industry.

The Principles: 
  1. Journalism ethics guide the way media outlets and journalists use technology.
  2. Media outlets prioritise human agency.
  3. AI systems used in journalism undergo prior, independent evaluation.
  4. Media outlets are always accountable for the content they publish.
  5. Media outlets maintain transparency in their use of AI systems.
  6. Media outlets ensure content origin and traceability. 
  7. Journalism draws a clear line between authentic and synthetic content.
  8. AI-driven content personalisation and recommendation upholds diversity and the integrity of information.
  9. Journalists, media outlets and journalism support groups engage in the governance of AI.
  10. Journalism upholds its ethical and economic foundation in engagements with AI organisations. 


“The committee worked hard to find the right balance between helping journalists navigate the risks that come with using AI and feeling empowered to explore the potential benefits, says Hosam El Nagar, Director of Innovation and Learning at Thomson Foundation. The charter on AI and journalism is a valuable reference point at a time when everyone is finding their way.”

Disinformation and AI

The threat of mis and disinformation to democracy has long been a key focus of our work, reflected in past projects in Sudan and the Western Balkans.

As disinformation becomes more widespread and more sophisticated, Thomson Foundation is consistently adapting and evolving, taking steps to keep apace with one of the most pressing issues of our time.  

From our recent alliance with the Partnership on AI, a pilot workshop with Adobe, our upcoming Thomson Talks with Madhav Chinnappa and now with the Paris Charter, we continue to champion trusted journalism in a challenging world.  

See the full charter here

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