Strengthening the media’s role in promoting democracy

Posted by David Quin

Thomson works with journalists in some of the toughest places in the world. Their work and livelihoods are frequently under threat. Thomson Foundation believes factual and trusted journalism is a force for good democracy. Its mission is to support the development of quality journalism and accessible media to all corners of the world.  

We work with partners who have similar aims, which is why we’re proud to be a part of a consortium led by US-based Democracy International which has been now selected to be part of the global Programming for Prevention and Peacebuilding (P4P2) framework programme.

This new benchmark framework backed by USAID with a ceiling of US $800 million will enable the consortium to mobilise its skills to support democracies and free media under threat worldwide.

“We are undoubtably entering an era of increased global insecurity, with multiple interlocking crisis cutting across borders and peoples. The challenges are great and the threats deepening,” says David Quin Managing Director – Development for Thomson. 

Challenges of disinformation 

The media can play a vital role in preventing the outbreak, escalation and recurrence of conflict and violence around the world. Ethical journalism promotes open dialogue, stable democracy and accountable, resilient societies.   

From its work on the responsible reporting of internally displaced people in Ukraine to tackling the spread of disinformation in Sudan, to preparing the Pakistani media for this year’s turbulent election season, the Thomson Foundation will build on its 60-year global heritage in supporting independent media, particularly in fragile states. Alongside the development community, it will deliver tools to address the ever-deepening challenges of disinformation, democratic decline, polarisation and social conflict.  

The aims of P4P2 are to use innovative, evidence-based projects, including cross-border initiatives with a focus on peacebuilding and preventing violence, global conflict and fragility. Using this mechanism, USAID will be able to openly use the expertise of the consortium to adapt traditional development approaches in supporting democracy.  

CEO and President of Democracy International, Eric Bjornlund says, “We are thrilled to partner with Thomson Foundation in our shared mission to prevent conflict and violence and foster peaceful and resilient societies worldwide.” 

“We’re not going to face the threats ahead of us without measured public engagement and balanced, deliberative democracy,” says David Quin. That’s why Thomson’s long heritage in helping ethical media be resilient, grow audiences and inform debate matters now, more than ever before. The P4P2 framework will enable us, and our consortium partners, the chance to shape the future of security policy and the media’s critical role in lowering social divisions, preventing and mitigating conflict.”  

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David Quin

David Quin

Managing Director – Development

About: David is a global media development leader. As managing director development he is in charge of sourcing and managing all donor-funded projects. 

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