Mobile journalism techniques for Libyan reporters

Mobile journalism workshops were held in Tunis, Tunisia for journalists from Libya. The workshops focused on the latest techniques of reporting on mobile, including advanced news gathering, production, visualisation and distribution techniques, as well as on issues relevant to the current developments in Libya. The country is one of 17 taking part in a multi-million euro OPEN Media Hub project to support and train journalists in 17 of the states bordering the European Union.

Fast facts


Tunis, Tunisia


European Union

Project duration

Four years

Project budget



Action Global, European Journalism Centre, Free Press Now, France Médias Monde, Ipsos, Mori, Particip


OPEN Media Hub

With the OPEN Media Hub project, we’ll build stories that will inform debate in critical areas like migration, energy and terrorism at a time when revealing the real picture has never been harder or mattered more

Bettina Peters, senior development consultant, Thomson Foundation

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