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Skills-intensive training remains at the heart of what we do. Our trainers, all with impressive journalistic credentials, focus on developing journalists' practical skills. The emphasis is on hands-on training, reporting on real stories and tackling technical challenges.

Core journalism skills

Our training courses are individually designed to suit individual needs and cover all aspects of working in the media from basic journalism and camera skills, investigative reporting, data and mobile journalism to documentary making and social media. We have developed a blended approach with many of our programmes combining traditional workshop based training with online learning.   

The foundation has given me the ultimate gift, the gift of education.

Viasen Soobramoney, head of multimedia, African News Agency, South Africa
Deborah Kelly

Deborah Kelly

Director of Training and Communications

Summer course

The foundation's five-week digital and multimedia summer course, based at our London headquarters, is a mixture of masterclasses, workshops and practical training and includes visits to some of the UK’s leading media organisations. The course is aimed at those who have some experience working as a journalist wanting to update their digital skills and grow their ability to think in different media.   


mobile journalism summer course 2016

Media consultancy



We provide professional expertise and advice in all aspects of media business for governments, non governmental organisations (NGOs) and media organisations.

Specialist knowledge

Our consultancy team includes those formerly, or currently, with world-leading media organisations with specialist knowledge of handling the challenges of constantly changing media landscape.

We bring our expertise to work with media start-ups and existing news organisations in need of  structural change or updated skills.

Thomson Foundation provided us with industry professionals with a wealth of experience.

Brent Sadler, chairman of editorial board, N1, Balkans TV news channel





Media sector reform

Changing technology and the way we consume our media drive companies to restructure. We work with news organisations and state media to renew and adapt their technology and management processes and upgrade the editorial and technical skills of their staff.

Training needs analysis

A structured and coordinated programme staged over a period of time often brings the most successful results in training. Our analyses are unique to the media organisation and we take into account local circumstances and constraints.

Thomson Foundation has long partnership with Al Jazeera Training Centre
Working with the media

A strong media forms a channel for government information that is more credible to the public, as long as the government engages effectively with journalists. We work with governments and NGOs to apply a strategic approach to their communications, including strategies and structured responses to emergencies and disasters.

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